PIAA State Baseball Playoffs Round Two

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Re: PIAA State Baseball Playoffs Round Two

Postby lgb87cape » June 12th, 2017, 12:22 am

Claysburg draws from what 6 schools . They're putting all the teams they play at this point  behind the 8 ball with all these make ups. Looking at Claysburg's roster they have enough kids to field a team. Less the Central kids. They should have to play. Schools like FH I understand their whole legion team is FH players.  Again we start another legion season with all of Claysburg's crap. Like Monday it was confirmed Lilly was playing in Claysburg after Lilly showed up . He meant to say No were not playing. That's not what the text said.  Lilly should have a forfeit win. The almighty Claysburg will prevail and get away with all their garbage again! !

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