WestPAC Updates - Almost mid-season

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WestPAC Updates - Almost mid-season

Postby BigSkyCountry » April 15th, 2019, 9:14 pm

Many teams in the WestPAC are a game or two shy of halfway through their season. The groundhog may have known what he was talking about. Current standings are: South - 1. Rockwood 6-2, 2. Meyersdale 4-1, 3. Shanksville 4-2, 4. Berlin 3-3, 5. Salisbury 2-4, 6. Turkeyfoot 2-5 and 7. Shade 0-7. The North goes: 1. Conemaugh Township 7-1, 2. Blacklick Valley 5-2, 3. Portage 6-4, 4. North Star 3-4, 5. Windber 5-3, 6. Conemaugh Valley 2-4 and 7 Ferndale 1-5. 
The Souths current leaders of Rockwood and Meyersdale will continue to be a 2 team race throughout the remainder of the season. Going best on best, I will pick Rockwood over Meyersdale as long as Rockwood can work Troy Emert on the mound in their additional meetings. Salisbury's Zach Cook leads the South in Batting average (.579) with Matt Addleman, Dawson Snyder and Troy Emert all batting over .500 so far. South RBI leaders are: Emert 12 and Weaver with 10 (both of Rockwood). Emert leads the South and has an ERA of 0.00 in 17.2 innings. Emert has 32 k's on the season, followed by Spochart with 20. 
The North appears to be fairly competitive and it is tough to predict with the first meeting between many of the teams being close games. Conemaugh Township has the most solid pitching staff with Portage, Blacklick and North Star not far behind and perhaps the three later all being fairly equal with one another. If Conemaugh Township can continue to get their ace in Devin Foster on the mound in the more competitive contests, I will tip my hat to the Indians to control the North. Josh Little leads the North with a .571 batting average. Chase Vargo, Corey Simmons, Keith Berkebile, Bryce McCleester, and Ty-Rique Rozier are all batting .550 or better to date. North RBI leaders are: Berkebile 13 (NS), Koenigsberg 11 (Portage), Kist 11 (CT) and Foster 10 (CT). Pavic (6.2 Innings), and Fritz (5 innings) all have an ERA of 0.00. Foster (19.2 innings) has an ERA of .36 and Saylor (11 innings) is at .64. Foster leads the conference and state with 47 strikeouts. Vargo (27), Schrock (22) Kozlovac (21) and Alexander (20) are carrying healthy strikeout stats. 
Rockwood and Meyersdale have shown the most consistency in the South and Rockwood defeated Meyersdale in their lone meeting to this point. Conemaugh Township has defeated each North opponent with the exception of North Star (play tomorrow). North Star's record may be deceiving as 2 of their losses are forfeits (North games that they played and won) for using an illegal player (???).  I still feel strongly that CT, Portage, N. Star, Blacklick or Windber would all win the South if that were their section. The North is just that much stronger than the South overall. I was surprised to see Rockwood drop a game to an eastern D5 team that hadn't won a game yet. Perhaps a sign of a lack of pitching depth overall for the Rockets or simply taking a team too lightly. 
Still a lot of baseball to be played and championships are not won in March/April. Can teams that started hot stay hot? Will there be a traffic jam in the North as second half of the season games are played? Will the North dominate the south as crossover games are played? Best of luck to all as the next couple of weeks will show the true colors of the teams. 

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