Classification of Private Schools

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Re: Classification of Private Schools

Postby CCDevil2012 » April 26th, 2017, 7:12 am

d6footballfan wrote:Is transferring for academic or religious reasons the only reason legit to transfer?

No, several other reasons have already been listed: change in legal guardian, legitiment move (not renting a mailbox or apt.), financial hardship, bullying/harassment. It's one thing if you want to improve your academic opportunities or experience, but basketball at school A and basketball at school B is still basketball. The only thing that may change is the success level of each school.

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Re: Classification of Private Schools

Postby billmurray » April 26th, 2017, 12:58 pm

CMM52 wrote:
d6footballfan wrote:this is just a dumb proposal in so many ways.  Sports participation numbers will plummet from the already anemic levels they are at today, and nut job parents will be crazier than ever in the youth sports programs getting Johnny or Jill the attention they need to get recruited before they are assigned to an average life of purgatory in their so-so public school sports program.  Lazy programs and coaches are getting a pat on the back and an excuse diary for losing.  The ones who pay the most out of this proposal are the athletes.

I've said the same thing over and over again and have been blasted for it every time.  The misconception is that these private schools are out there recruiting all these kids when in reality they don't have to.  Public schools are failing so badly it makes the alternative that much more attractive,  When a family doesn't want to send their kid to the POS public school they are zoned for for whatever reason they have the right to send their kid elsewhere.  Take a look at public schools like Franklin Regional, South Fayette, Pine Richland, West Allegheny, North Allegheny, etc...  they aren't losing kids. What's the difference?  They are good schools who offer great extracurricular activities.  Fix the schools and you'll fix your problem.  It's not an issue of money, private schools operate with far less than even the smallest public school in PA. 

this statement is incorrect. West Allegheny just lost one of their best players to Pine Richland. NA has lost kids, so has S Fayette.  If you think all the movement is based on the school system itself I have a bridge to sell you. Most of the transfers are for athletics, hidden behind other agendas.  Kid from Beaver Falls just transferred to much movement it's crazy. I've seen the stats, in BBall and FB it's crazy and something has got to be done, It is also happening in wrestling at a higher pace.  We're talking thousands of transfers in the past few years and in the past 5 years the number has nearly doubled compared to the previous 5. 

Either that or just open it all up and sit back and watch those sports just die. I've been saying these changes are coming for two years now. Is this current proposal going to pass? Probably not, but it's a starting point. Something similar will eventually put in play. We'll see the success factor, strict transfer rules and very possibly a percentage rule in place soon (Ohio just instituted a % rule). 

What we won't see is separation because PA law does not allow it. Been saying that for a while now also. 

Looking at the new proposed rule I don't like how the PSADA made it one way, i.e. being able to go from private to public without sitting but the other way they sit. It should be all encompassing. That way it protects public AND private schools by making it a much harder decision to transfer. BG would feel a little safer knowing their kids will/may not go just as much as Hollidaysburg would also feel safe. I have also been a big proponent of the success factor. I think it's a great rule. 

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