College football playoff megathread

The name says it all!
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Re: College football playoff megathread

Postby southpaw » December 5th, 2016, 9:58 pm

after 2019 psu has home and home with va tech auburn and wvu.  wanna bet after seeing Washington getting in with cupcake ooc that psu will be calling those schools to camcel and will bet thise three schools listed will be justbas pleased not to play psu in ooc.  way to go cfp committee ur west coadt bias on the committee just blew ur credibility.  cupcakes will be served enmass from now on the 1st three weeks from now on for the ncaa football schedule.  psu and pitt should put st. Francis on ooc keep money in pa and give some exposure and cash for the flash.

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Re: College football playoff megathread

Postby CCDevil2012 » December 5th, 2016, 10:30 pm

abpk2903 wrote:2. A non-power 5 school will never have a chance. A 13-0 and dominating season with 2 B1G wins wasn't enough (or even close) for the MAC Champion.

Beating a 3-9 Illinois team and 6-6 Northwestern is not going to pave your way to the playoffs.

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Re: College football playoff megathread

Postby Crimson's Ghost » December 5th, 2016, 10:37 pm

If Houston went 13-0, they may have gotten in with wins over Oklahoma and Louisville. Plus as a whole the AAC isn't that bad of a league. Temple, Navy, South Florida aren't too bad. As a whole, it's a step up above the other group of five schools but still a bit behind the power 5.

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Re: College football playoff megathread

Postby abpk2903 » December 6th, 2016, 9:22 am

Any way you shake or spin it, Penn State plays a team that is respected around college football OOC in the next 9 years. Whether it be Pitt, WVU, VT, or Auburn. Rutgers has been a horrible program for a better part of 60+ years. You know when you schedule them that they are more than likely going to be a fairly easy win for your program.

In regards to Penn State playing only home games over 2 of the next 3 OOC seasons, they also only play 13 of the 27 B1G games at home over that span. Both years that they play 3 home OOC games, they play 5 B1G road games.

Finally, if you read my post it says that I am not saying the precedents being set are good or bad.  I'm just simply pointing out the committee tendencies. I do not think WMU is a team anywhere near the caliber of the teams you will find in the top 10. I would not have considered them if I was on the committee. I do sort of agree that a AAC team or maybe a MWC team could someday get in with an impressive OOC schedule. C-USA, MAC, and Sun-Belt has no chance. 

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Re: College football playoff megathread

Postby highheat » December 6th, 2016, 12:19 pm

The current format sucks. The playoff is just another corporate giveaway to the bowl sponsors. However, until there is a real playoff everything is based upon rankings and opinion. PSU was excluded because they had two losses - one by 39 points to another team in contention. The only precedent is that unbeaten and one-loss major conference teams will always have more valued over two loss and any mid-major schools.

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