Steelers finally starting to play like their record??

The name says it all!
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Re: Steelers finally starting to play like their record??

Postby konjo78 » November 17th, 2017, 3:43 pm

Steelers actually put different military unit stickers on their helmet last sunday.

As far as the protest controversy, most people have an issie with protesting during the anthem for 'awareness'. There is a large difference than trying to promote awareness and physically doing things to cause a change with the issue. It generally feels like an empty selfish attempt to promote 'awareness' and then do nothing to help the actual issue/cause.

Its like some cancer charities that raise money for 'awareness'. Those charities raise money to put information out there about the disease instead of putting funds into research to help cure it

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Re: Steelers finally starting to play like their record??

Postby Manfred » November 18th, 2017, 9:16 am

knowitall wrote:
Manfred wrote:Do they still diss the flag and all this country stands for?  I'm only asking, because since the media just skips it for more commercials,  the ordinary joe who can't afford to attend games in person, likely won't ever know.

If he reads the Tribune Review he will.  All Steelers were accounted for standing for the Anthem.  One Titan stayed in the locker room while three raised their fists while standing.   I believe several ordinary joes though were in line for beer or to pee while the Anthem was being played, thus dissing America, Chevrolet, apple pie, etc.

Thanks, I get a Trib-Review maybe 6 times a year, but it just happened that I got one, after I posed my question to the readers here.  So I was delighted to read that the Steelers have some decency after all.  Maybe I can now wear my #84 Jersey a few more times, and watch a little more than just checking score updates.  If you're in line for whatever reason, you can still stop for a minute or so and do the appropriate thing.  Another question, did YOU ever serve this country?  I did.
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