Proudly Announcing Our Partnership w/

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Proudly Announcing Our Partnership w/

Postby Coach » June 2nd, 2014, 10:38 pm

Tonight I wanted to share some exciting news and let everyone know that we are now partnering with one of the biggest football sites in Pennsylvania,! Currently our partnership is in the infancy stage and will surely grow/develop over time, but we are excited to be working with Billy Splain and David Mika. is now the official forum for the WesternPaFootball site and hopefully this will help us grow, especially in the western part of the state. We have been working to gain new users over the last couple of years and this could really help us to spread into Districts 7, 9, and 10. Some of the special football feature stories on BleacherCoaches will also be posted on WPAfootball. As another exciting part of our partnership we will be able to offer a lot more to businesses looking to advertise with us. We currently run smart ads through Google Adsense, but we feel that we could do a better job working directly with some businesses geared toward the users of this site. Combined we are getting over 4 million hits per year and that number is growing yearly. Advertising opportunities would now feature you on both of our sites!

This won't change anything on our site but hopefully we will begin to see an increased number of users and posts this summer into football season!

I hope you continue to enjoy and hopefully we grow even bigger and better!

If there are any business owners who frequent our site and you want some information regarding advertising please contact me at and we can discuss the opportunities available to you.

Make sure you Like on Facebook! Make it easier for us to reach you!!!!

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