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Re: More ridiculous than ridiculous

Postby WhiteWolf » October 7th, 2017, 6:35 pm

After speaking with a few forest hills players the story is he just wasn’t good enough to play. They told me Bailey was understanding of all of the religious camps the boy attended since a handful of players went to the younglife camp that was stated in the post, but they did note how he never jumped in on the second team in practice to try and earn a spot. They also said he had plenty of chances but just couldn’t impress Bailey through missed blocks and lack of effort. This is just a story of a parent being overly dramatic on why his son quite. If your son quite because he didn’t play then just say that, don’t ruin a great coaches reputation. Every Thursday the team attends a local church to hear the word of God and follow with a hearty meal of spaghetti to prepare for the game on Friday.

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