ICC Week 3

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ICC Week 3

Postby ICCFan » September 6th, 2018, 1:35 pm

Tussey Mountain at Mount Union - This could be a very interesting and entertaining game.  Leonard, Weist and Villa are putting up some nice numbers for the Titan offense and we see this as a runaway train at this point.  They are believing in Saxton.  Tussey Mt. 32 Mount Union 22
Glendale at Everett - Instincts tell me Everett's win over J.Valley may end up looking like the "fluke" of the year by November.  Glendale has improved and Jasper is a good athlete at QB for the Vikings.  I am always cautious about taking the Northern teams when they come to the far south but will take the risk and take the Vikings.  Glendale 27 Everett 13
Mo Valley at NBC - Key here is can Mo Valley's Jon Dale and his big line run on NBC like Southern Huntingdon and Central did.  The answer is "no"!  NBC gets enough big stops and MV has trouble sustaining drives.  NBC will manufacture enough points to get the job done.  NBC 28 Mo Valley 14
Claysburg at West Branch - 2-0 West Branch rolls at home in this one.  The Warriors are quite possibly the conferences #3 or #4 team right now.  West Branch 36  Claysburg 12.
Southern Huntingdon at Williamsburg.  The Blue Pirates are struggling and are down in numbers but they are generally scrappy and well coached and played CK much tougher than most anticipated last week.  But....  This is Southern and the Rockets have too much power, strength, and depth.  SHC 43 Williamsburg 6.
GAME OF THE WEEK  Bellwood at Juniata Valley.  This is Juniata Valley's shot to redeem themselves after stubbing their toe in week 1.  Many were calling this the potential ICC title game before week 1.  JV has the athletes but has been less than impressive in both of their outings so far.  Bellwood is solid and take solid over flashy in the ICC.  Bellwood 35 Juniata Valley 20.

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Re: ICC Week 3

Postby Aiks19 » September 6th, 2018, 9:03 pm

Looks like Tussey is for real. Looks like a rebuilding year at Mount Union. Tussey minus 10.
Glendale -14 vs Everett

NBC started out with two good teams . They get back to their winning ways this week. I'll say a comfortable double digit win.
Is WB another team for real? I still say middle of the road, but a close win this week nonetheless.
Southern could have JV's in by second in this game.
Is Juniata Valley ready to be at the top? I think they spread Bellwood out and use their speed to pull out the win. This will be the first time in a few years I will go against the Boyz from Da Wood.....yes I do hope I'm wrong.

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Re: ICC Week 3

Postby SoftWalkinBigStick » September 7th, 2018, 8:02 am


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