Konjo's top 10 CFB rankings

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Re: Konjo's top 10 CFB rankings

Postby abpk2903 » October 30th, 2018, 8:57 am

Konjo will not be thrilled with the rankings tonight.  Based on the 11 metrics that the committee uses to determine the rankings, most experts have UCF somewhere in the range of 15th maybe even closer to 20th.  Their biggest issue is their strength of schedule in which only 3 FBS teams have a worse schedule.  Let me ask you, how many P5 football teams would be undefeated with their schedule to this point of the season?  UConn (road), SCSU, Florida Atlantic, Pitt, SMU, Memphis (road), East Carolina (road).  Every SEC team except maybe Tennessee and Vanderbilt would be undefeated with that schedule.  I would say every B1G team except Rutgers, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska would be undefeated with that schedule.  Is UCF, good?  Sure.  If they played Texas A&M's schedule, they would have at least 3 losses.   How do you rank that?

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