Town Hall Meetings.

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Re: Town Hall Meetings.

Postby southpaw » August 14th, 2009, 4:05 pm

Typical liberal can't compete on the issues and the truth so they have to resort to belittling their opponents and accuse their opponents of the very same thing. So Bush apparently had a couple of stooges so that the excuse we get for Barry have a whole army and industry of stooges. Makes sense if you can't defend your position make **** up about the other guy. Apparently Barry been making **** up his whole life and it worked.

Being a union member doesn't mean you can't be critical of one. But according to your heros Barry, Harry, and Nancy its un-American to oppose them. How dare we step out of line. How dare union members question the leadership. There aren't many union meetings where I just listen obediently and my union dues might go fair share this year.

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