Softball postseason

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Softball postseason

Postby fastpitchfan001 » May 11th, 2015, 11:00 am

Just curious about everyone's opinions on team making the playoffs with sub .500 records and in some instances very sub .500 records. I personally think teams should have to earn their way in with a winning record. The option to pay your fee to your conference and you're in feels wrong and smacks as purely a money making opportunity for the piaa and conferences. I think the practice of paying your way in should be abolished otherwise it devalues the championships that others had to work so hard to earn. I would allow that if there is no team with a winning record at a particular level A,AA,AAA, or AAAA then the top two records meet to play for the right to move on. One would think coaches and administration officials of schools would have enough respect for the game to not pay their way in. The ones that don't clearly are just looking to massage their egos. In my opinion.

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