Stars spoiler chats and thoughts to share. (Dont come in if you dont want it spoiled)

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Stars spoiler chats and thoughts to share. (Dont come in if you dont want it spoiled)

Postby konjo78 » December 22nd, 2015, 8:09 pm

So ive already seen the movie twice and i have to say JJ Abrams and the writers of this movie did an amazing job in my opinion. Introduction of characters Poe, Rey, finn and kylo ren were great. 

Each character had their own thought path that kinda made sense and wasnt forced. They didnt try and hide Kylo being Hans son and they gave us a decent feel for finns escape from the first order.

Han solo was also written perfectly in this movie. From his first line to his last i really felt him in perfect way.

Now im OK about new death star but wish they didnt go there. I understand why they did though and it didnt ruin the movie one bit. Rey in some ways is a stronger character than Luke ever was. Her reluctance in letting the force in was so anti luke i hate when people call her the same as him in episode 4. Where luke was adventerous, niave and impacent rey showed the exact opposite features.

Kylo is also so far away from vader in 4 it feels refreshing. His role made sense. Super powerful but no where close to in control.

Either way how did you all feel about the movie?

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