Konjo's Top 10 movies of 2018

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Konjo's Top 10 movies of 2018

Postby konjo78 » December 24th, 2018, 5:44 pm

What a year of movies we had this year, to highs like Infinity Way to lows like Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom we have had a lot to talk about. Overall I feel this movie year went a lot better than we have had of late.

1. Spiderman Into the Spiderverse: Going into the theater about a month ago I had no idea what to expect. I heard rumors of good things but the embargo had not been lifted yet and lets be honest there was a lot here to worry about. Weird animation style, unique feel and more spider people than you ever needed put a lot of warning signs out there...  But did they pull it off in a fun, family film that I recommend anyone who wants to go see a movie over holidays should go see.

2. A Star is Born: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga brought it all here. Yes it was a remake movie but it just shows you that when you do a remake right it can still be one of the best movies of the year. Great music, great acting, great story and overall a great time. Interesting to see what happens for both Cooper (Acting wise and Directing) and Lady Gaga. I've hard rumors that Gaga might be in the works to be cast as Ursula in a Disney live action Little Mermaid.

3. Roma: Something you can find on Netlix today Roma is a piece of art through and through. Director Alfonso Cuaron, takes you through a journey that in a way is an auto biography. If you are looking for a classic style feel then Roma is for you as its breathtaking in black and white, beautiful piece of work.

4. A Quiet Place: A great horror/thriller flick with an original feel to it. The simple concept of being quiet lead to a theater experience where there is near dead silence and every small sound made me jump. If you are home alone or looking for something to keep you at the edge of you seat A Quiet Place is the movie for you this year.

5. Avengers Infinity War: This movie did something truly amazing. It put over a handful of different franchises together, had a great villain, lived up to expectations and was not afraid to do the ending right. This movie is everything you want out of an action movie from comedy to a villain that you understand their motives. 

6. Mission Impossible Fallout: Ready, set, action to the years best action movie. Between a fun plot, great stunts and fast non stop action this was my biggest surprise of the year. Cruise and crew were on fire in this movie and I couldn't recommend it enough if you are just looking for a good time.

7. Crazy Rich Asians: Romantic comedy? Yes but still a fun story that hit a lot of story beats that most movies miss anymore. Crazy Rich Asians was a breath of fresh air in a summer season filled with action movies every year. Still under the radar for most I encourage all to take a Friday night and give this movie a chance, you will find you are going to have a good time.

8. Bumblebee: A string of horrific Transformers movies may stop this movie from making the money it should at the box office. Bumblebee was the Transformers movie we all deserved and hit the notes the original anime gave us back in the day. From the start the movie is a fun ride that give me hope going forward if we get any more of these movies. Amazing what can happen when Michael Bay was taken off as director.

9. Annihilation: A thrilling adventure that was everything Hollywood is trying to push, but ignores here. This movie had a great original plot, strong women actors at the lead playing strong characters, and great visual effects. For me this is truly the sleeper of 2018 so far that deserves a lot more eyes to watch it.

10. Won't You Be my Neighbor: A documentary looking back at Fred Rogers, better known as Mister Rogers, and what he accomplished during his life. This movie was not released in every theater but I truly recommend going to see it. It told a wonderful story I feel we all could use in some way now and was truly a treat.

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Re: Konjo's Top 10 movies of 2018

Postby Manfred » December 25th, 2018, 8:38 am

You've found your calling at last. Merry Christmas!
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