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Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 1st, 2018, 1:50 pm
by Crimson's Ghost
Class 6A
Eric Dixon, Abington, 6-7 jr, 24.0 ppg
Drew Friberg, State College, 6-7 sr, 20.0 ppg
Lynn Greer III, Roman Catholic, 6-3 so, 15.3 ppg
Seth Lundy, Roman Catholic, 6-6 jr, 16.6 ppg
Naheem McLeod, Plymouth-Whitemarsh, 7-2 jr, 19.5 ppg
Ethan Morton, Butler, 6-6 so, 24.6 ppg
Chris Arcidiacono, Neshaminy, 6-3 sr, 26.4 ppg
Allen Betrand, Roman Catholic, 6-3 sr, 14.2 ppg
Amante Britt, Woodland Hills, 5-10 sr, 20.2 ppg
William Jeffress, McDowell, 6-6 fr, 21.2 ppg
Phil Jurkovec, Pine-Richland, 6-5 sr, 16.1 ppg
Khalif Meares, Abraham Lincoln, 6-3 sr, 14.0 ppg
Josh Samec, Hazleton, 6-8 sr, 15.2 ppg
Jhamir Brickus, Coatesville, 5-11 so, 19.2 ppg
Wesley Butler, Reading, 6-1, jr, 16.7 ppg
Ed Croswell, Saint Joseph’s Prep, 6-7 sr, 13.5 ppg
Hakim Hart, Roman Catholic, 6-5 jr, 15.1 ppg
Robbie Heath, Abington, 6-2 sr, 18.8 ppg
Darius Kinnel, Saint Joseph’s Prep, 6-0 sr, 16.2 ppg
Jeff Planutis, Hazleton, 6-5 sr, 15.7 ppg
PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Eric Dixon, Abington
COACH OF THE YEAR: Matt Griffin, Roman Catholic

Don’yae Baylor-Carroll, Milton Hershey, 5-9 sr, 23.5 ppg
Robby Carmody, Mars, 6-4 sr, 31.3 ppg
Jackson Danzig, Abington Heights, 6-6 sr, 17.3 ppg
Antonio Rizzuto, Northeastern, 6-3 sr, 23.4 ppg
George Tinsley, Abington Heights, 6-5 jr, 18.2 ppg
Isaiah Wong, Bonner-Prendergast, 6-3 jr, 22.2 ppg
Andrew Funk, Archbishop Wood, 6-5 sr, 18.5 ppg
A.J. Hoggard, Archbishop Carroll, 6-3 so, 15.7 ppg
Ajiri Johnson, Bonner-Prendergast, 6-8 sr, 11.1 ppg
Bryce Laskey, Laurel Highlands, 6-4 sr, 33.3 ppg
Tyler Norwood, Penncrest, 5-11 sr, 21.6 ppg
Christian Ray, Haverford School, 6-6 jr, 18.9 ppg
Ryan Smith, Lampeter-Strasburg, 6-10 sr, 20.8 ppg
Antwuan Butler, Cardinal O’Hara, 6-1 sr, 18.5 ppg
Kyree Generett, York, 6-1 sr, 21.0 ppg
Tariq Ingraham, Bonner-Prendergast, 6-9 jr, 12.6 ppg
Lashon Lindsey, Meadville, 6-7 jr, 23.1 ppg
Fred Mulbah, Northeastern, 5-9 sr, 14.3 ppg
Tyree Pickron, Archbishop Wood, 6-3 sr, 15.9 ppg
Deuce Turner, Malvern Prep, 6-1 so, 20.5 ppg
PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Robby Carmody, Mars
COACH OF THE YEAR: Ken Bianchi, Abington Heights

Dahmir Bishop, Imhotep Charter, 6-3 jr, 9.0 ppg
Marcus Hooker, New Castle, 5-11 sr, 16.1 ppg
Patrick Robinson, Conwell-Egan, 6-2 sr, 24.3 ppg
Donta Scott, Imhotep Charter, 6-7 jr, 11.5 ppg
Coletrane Washington, Quaker Valley, 6-5 sr, 21.5 ppg
Ryan Young, Bethlehem Catholic, 6-10 sr, 16.0 ppg
Carlos Carter, Indiana, 6-4 sr, 23.3 ppg
Ryan Hughes, Middletown, 6-4 sr, 21.6 ppg
Casey Jack, Berks Catholic, 6-2 jr, 11.3 ppg
Leo O’Boyle, Scranton Prep, 6-8 jr, 20.3 ppg
Justin Paz, Bethlehem Catholic, 5-10 jr, 16.5 ppg
Ethan Porterfield, Sharon, 6-8 jr, 17.4 ppg
Imil Britt, Johnstown, 5-7 sr, 19.8 ppg
Eric Esposito, Conwell-Egan, 6-6 sr, 16.1 ppg
Adam Freese, Kennard-Dale, 6-5 sr, 18.5 ppg
Chereef Knox, Imhotep Charter, 6-6 jr, 8.9
Nate Kreitzer, Nanticoke, 5-9 jr, 19.4 ppg
Nathan Schneider, Saint Marys, 6-1 sr, 25.7 ppg
PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Donta Scott, Imhotep Charter
COACH OF THE YEAR: Zach Sarver, Sharon

Joe Batt, Greenville, 6-2 sr, 20.5 ppg
James Ellis, Westinghouse, 6-11 sr, 21.1 ppg
Sean Good, Camp Hill Trinity, 6-11 sr, 13.6 ppg
Dymir Montague, Neumann-Goretti, 6-3 sr, 14.8 ppg
Cameron Reddish, Westtown, 6-7 sr, 26.6 ppg
Sam Sessoms, Shipley School, 5-9 sr, 28.6 ppg

Jalen Gaffney, Westtown, 6-3 jr, 16.5 ppg
Isaiah Graves, Catasauqua, 6-1 sr, 26.1 ppg
Keeno Holmes, Lincoln Park, 6-2 jr, 23.0 ppg
Matt Holsinger, Central Cambria, 6-6 sr, 21.8 ppg
Christian Ings, Neumann-Goretti, 5-10 jr, 11.2 ppg
Marrek Paola, Ligonier Valley, 6-6 jr, 24.3 ppg
Tyler Zimmerman, Richland, 6-2 sr, 14.3 ppg
Noah Dillow, Chestnut Ridge, 6-2 sr, 25.3 ppg
Dimitri Gnall, Wyoming Seminary, 6-3 jr, 17.1 ppg
Nick Guadarrama, Perkiomen School, 6-6 sr, 16.9 ppg
Collin Instone, Richland, 6-3 jr, 14.2 ppg
Arion Lewis, Valley Forge Military Academy, 6-2 sr, 21.8 ppg
Sam Parini, Fairview, 6-10 sr, 15.6 ppg
Gerald Ross, Loyalsock, 6-2 jr, 18.1 ppg
PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Cameron Reddish, Westtown
COACH OF THE YEAR: Greg Burke, Richland

John Bol Ajak, Church Farm, 6-10 jr,
Owen Chambers, Coudersport, 6-2 jr, 24.9 ppg
Jordan Holmqvist, Moravian Academy, 6-0 jr, 19.8 ppg
Luke Ruggery, Bishop Guilfoyle, 5-10 jr, 21.1 ppg
Damon Wall, Constitution, 6-0 sr, 17.4 ppg
Isiah Warfield, Sewickley Academy, 6-4 so, 16.0 ppg

Tyler Fritz, Marian Catholic, 6-1 so, 22.3 ppg
Patrick Galvin, Holy Cross, 5-10 sr, 13.7 ppg
Keshaun Hammonds, Constitution, 6-1 so, 14.1 ppg
Donovan Johnson, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, 6-6 so, 19.0 ppg
Nate Ridgeway, Sewickley Academy, 6-6 jr, 13.0 ppg
Austin Wigley, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, 6-2 jr, 14.7 ppg

Tre Cunningham, Jeannette, 6-4 sr, 19.5 ppg
Rene Figueroa, Panther Valley, 5-7 jr, 18.6 ppg
Turner Kurt, Cambridge Springs, 6-7 sr, 18.7 ppg
Jahmir Marable-Williams, Constitution, 6-0 sr, 13.9 ppg
Isaiah Smith, Sewickley Academy, 6-2 so, 16.0 ppg
Dante Spadafora, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, 5-11 fr, 15.0 ppg
PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Damon Wall, Constitution
COACH OF THE YEAR: Al Callejas, Holy Cross

Maceo Austin, Kennedy Catholic, 6-5 jr, 18.2 ppg
Jalen Gorham, York Country Day, 6-7 jr, 20.0 ppg
Mikeal Jones, Girard College, 6-8 so, 21.5 ppg
Thomas Schultz, Lourdes Regional, 6-5 jr, 20.4 ppg
Oscar Tshiebwe, Kennedy Catholic, 6-10 jr, 21.2 ppg
Cameron Collins, Juniata Valley, 5-8 jr, 25.5 ppg
Brady Fyfe, Shade, 6-3 jr, 18.5 ppg
Tristan McDannell, Bishop Carroll, 5-9 so, 15.7 ppg
Zach McDonough, Vincentian, 6-2 sr, 24.1 ppg
Dawson Snyder, Shanksville-Stonycreek, 6-2 jr, 23.3 ppg
Tre Charles, Union Area, 5-10 sr, 23.0 ppg
Carson Curry, Plumstead Christian, 6-0 jr, 19.9 ppg
Lyndon Henderson, Monessen, 6-2 jr, 22.0 ppg
John Saxe, Sullivan County, 6-1 sr, 16.0 ppg
Khalil Turner, Sankofa Freedom, 6-6 jr,
PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Maceo Austin, Kennedy Catholic
COACH OF THE YEAR: James Sandri, Lourdes Regional

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 1st, 2018, 3:02 pm
by 12HankQB
Locally, we nearly had all of the 2nd team 1A, but the 1st team....what a joke...

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 1st, 2018, 5:20 pm
by Crimson's Ghost
I noticed this is a Pennsylvania team, not just a PIAA team.  Hence Duke recruit Cam Reddish being player of the year.  His school doesn’t play in the PIAA. 

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 1st, 2018, 5:33 pm
by IHeartFootball2
Doesnt the McDaniel kid from BC come off the bench?

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 1st, 2018, 5:47 pm
by Crimson's Ghost
I think he starts, but they might bring him off the bench. 

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 1st, 2018, 10:33 pm
He came off the bench

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 2nd, 2018, 8:08 am
by Manfred
No Ryan Richardson, but Colin Instone, thats fair? Compare stats.

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 2nd, 2018, 8:08 am
by Manfred

Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 2nd, 2018, 9:08 am
by Tigersharks
Sometimes I wonder who votes in these. Not that I disagree with any but it seems like they only post ppg. I know that is important but what about rebounds, assist and defense/steals. A lot of these players scored a lot but it may have been because their teammates got the rebound or set a screen...made a nice pass. Also, what about those kids who play on a terrible team, I have seen a lot of good players struggle because they have no help on the court.

Who votes on the teams? Do they really see all these kids play? Or it is just who you know and if your team makes a deep playoff run?

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Re: Pennsylvania All-State Basketball Teams

Posted: May 2nd, 2018, 9:44 am
by CharlieConway
Just taking a wild guess here.  Maybe someone can shed some light on this.
With the announcement being from the Associated Press Sports Writers, so I'd imagine they conduct the voting.  To my knowledge the Altoona Mirror is an Associated Press contributor, the Tribune-Democrat might be as well.  Point being, they probably get a vote or votes depending on their subscription/coverage area/etc.  I'd imagine they take their 1st team selections to the nomination process of the Associated Press.  Mirror first teamers were: Ruggery, Holsinger, Haupt, Dillow, & Trent Walker.  Ruggery, Holsinger, & Dillow received all-state honors.  Johnstown coverage received Britt, Zimmerman, & Instone as all-state.
If points per game was the factor you would a lot of other players on the list.  Regardless, you can argue a player should be on the list.  I'd like to think our area was represented very well.  Ruggery, Holsinger, Dillow had some monster nights on some pretty big stages.  I think that may very well have had some influence.  Ruggery & Holsinger had big performances a lot of nights in the LHAC.  Dillow had some monster nights against Hollidaysburg & Everett.
This is just a theory or possible reasoning.  Thoughts