Forest Hills @ Chestnut Ridge

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Re: Forest Hills @ Chestnut Ridge

Postby bcor » December 19th, 2018, 12:31 pm

Here's the write up by Knops at T-D ... ... d3408.html

And here's a link to the match results ... ... m?id=51713

... which doesn't show that the match started at 160.

Question ... what would FH have done if they had won the toss?

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Re: Forest Hills @ Chestnut Ridge

Postby SportsFan96 » December 19th, 2018, 1:29 pm

I'm a Ridge fan and IMO, a couple of those close matches could have gone a either way and Ridge could have ended up on the losing end. The biggest difference in this match was Ridge getting the bonus points from pins and Forest Hills not getting the pins on some matches they thought they would. From 120 to 152 Forest Hills was able to move some wrestlers around and got the better match ups. Having said that, Ridge did send a back up out at 138 (once the match was already decided) and is still moving kids around to fill the 170 slot ( I think they still have a kid out yet and hasn't been cleared to come back yet). 

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Re: Forest Hills @ Chestnut Ridge

Postby DFFSBA » December 19th, 2018, 3:40 pm

Manfred wrote:
DFFSBA wrote:
Manfred wrote:Good coverage, Knop.  Great match.  FH lost the toss and still kept it close.  Not getting a few calls just as period time ran out really made the difference.

I kinda expected this response.  Not sure what calls you were referring to - fans wanting a pin when a shoulder is clearly off the mat or takedowns when clearly out of bounds - those go BOTH ways but typically the losing team complains the most about them.  Any perceived missed call in this match had no bearing on the outcome and were not the difference.  CR was clearly the better team and based on what I saw last night, would beat FH 9 out of 10 times barring injuries.  That said, it was fun to see a local team give CR a tight match that wasn't at Brookville or State duals.

And I expected this kind of response too.  I was being as humble as I could in not mentioning the home cooking official, but you opened this door.  From the responses of visitors' fans, and those more knowledgable than I, there were enough missed calls to have made a difference.  The better team won, no mistake.  CR is at a level FH aspires, and will be, maybe a year from now, maybe 2.  Merry Christmas.

Is it just me (and maybe it is) or does it seem like our FH friends on here, when they lose, tend to blame their loss on everything except they were the lesser team?  Not just in this case, but when CR lost to BG in football, we heard "gee, I wish FH would have played them now and not in week1, we would have won". No, CR was the better the team all year, and had a really bad night against BG.  Now we hear, "home cooking official" from the same crowd after the wrestling match.  Accept the defeat, work harder, and move on.  The FH wrestling team will be one to contend in the coming years, that was obvious last night.  But they aren't at CR's level yet.  I miss the tight matches CR used to have with Bedford (hopefully Mr. Easter changes that).  Maybe the CR/FH matches will replace that in the next few years until Bedford is back.
BTW - where has OpinionGuy been the past few years?  He used to love to bash on CR athletics.

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Re: Forest Hills @ Chestnut Ridge

Postby Manfred » December 19th, 2018, 9:14 pm

How many times do I have to say the better team won, and our day will come. Since you keep digging up football, bring on your hoops & baseball teams. I look forward to those wins.
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Re: Forest Hills @ Chestnut Ridge

Postby old school » December 20th, 2018, 8:03 am

Beating CR in there is something to brag about!
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