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Hey bisonuno im surprised Basse hasnt been in here sayin about how Bad Boys 2 sucked since it was ....LONG. Thats very questionable.
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i just watched scary movie 3 a few days, talk about dumb....i guess it was only funny bc everything was just so stupid
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Post by BigCountry »

The Ring was very very dumb, I hated it, not because it was scary but that fact that it wasn't... I gave that movie 2 thumbs down. There's alot of old movies that were horrible too i just cant think of them now.
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I unfortunatley went to see House of the Dead a few days back. I should have know when my girl friend and I, and one other gentlmen was asleep in the back that I should have gotten up and walked out. Insult to the game and a waste of my time.
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The worst movie I have ever seen was The Gods Must Be was about an indian tribe who found a coca cola bottle and they were infatuated with it.
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Post by playbookboy06 »

I think chick-flicks are horrible, the one that comes to my mind is A Walk to Remember. Such a predictable movie.
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If you ever find it or get a chance to see the movie Bad Jim i highly recommend it. My dad met the main actor while riding dirt bikes in colorado so we decided to see it. Its a western made in the 80s. He robs banks and roams the countryside looking for virgins. The worst acting i have ever seen and in a scene near the end a horse is busting through a wall and you can see a string tighten and pull out the wall. Its soo bad its funny.
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Post by Derabasse »

Whiteshoes I clearly stated this once at HOB for you. I didn't like the movie because it was about three hours of stuff just blowing up, I also thought the lines they had were really annoying. Obviously I like long movies because a couple of my favorite movies are Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan. It definately wasn't the worst i've ever seen, I just thought it would be alot better. I liked the first one and I was excited that the second one was coming out, but I was dissapointed. It ranks in the top five in worst I saw this past summer. I'd say it was better than 28 days later and Jeepers Creepers 2, they were pretty bad. I agree with playbookboy that chick flicks are the worst.

When I was young I used to love the Freddy movies and they would scare the crap out of me, but I rented one this summer, it was awful. I wasn't scared at all and the way they died was just so stupid that I can't believe I was ever scared by them.

Since I am talking about scary movies when I was young the scariest one for me was stephen kings "IT." That clown haunted me many nights saying the same thing "do ya like balloons." I was wondering if anyone else saw this movie, and saw it when they were young because scary movies aren't scary the older u get.
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Post by Maverick3 »

Basse I saw this movie when I was a young child with my parents and I never looked at clowns the same way again. The best way to desribe it is the most terrifying thing a young child can watch. I had many sleepless nights due to hearing "do ya like ballons?" in my dreams. On the lighter side about a year after i saw the film I was at a carnival of some sort and a clown jumped out and I punched it in the face but i was young and it didnt hurt the clown...still funny none the less.
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