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Post by BillyWhiteShoesJohnson »

Basse u did it, im pissed off. Bad Boys 2 was a great movie. You are just racist its official. How could u not laugh when they were in the video store and martin was sayin to Will about what "he did to his @$$." Are u not human basse?
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Post by bison1 »

Nah whiteshoes...we all know the reason he didn't like the movie. Very simple...

It was just too long :shock:
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Post by Derabasse »

Yea that part was really funny, but after that all the lines got on my nerves. Yes the movie was too long because IT HAD NO STORY, it was just stuff blowing up for about three hours. I obviously like long movies because a few of my favorite movies are Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, and The Shawshank Redemption, all of them are long. Then again they actually had good stories and not thing blowing up just for the hell of it.
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Post by wrestling_buff03 »

shawshank redeption maybe one of the greatest movies ever made i will give you that.
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Worst Movie

Post by Wrasslerfan »

The worst move i ever saw was men in black
Wrestling... What Men do during boys basketball season

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