PAT or 2 point conversion?

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Would you play for the win or hope OT goes your way?

Go for 2?
Kick the pat and hope to win in OT?
Total votes: 51

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Official BleacherCoach
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Post by ham55 »

As late as the flag in last years national championship game??? Man i wish i would have been at tonights game. sounds like it was a real thriller.
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S Cube
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Post by S Cube »

yes ham now that u mention it...that is about what it was like...
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Post by southpaw »

Ridge had everybody back next year and should be a lot better if the kids have a good off-season work ethic. Foltin and Larson will be difficult to replace but that's it. We played two soph. Def. Tackles all game, both did a great job. Mock and Downey are also soph. and start. The juiors Barefoot, Halbig, Shaffer, Novak, and Fitzpatrick, and Hillegass. No rebuilding next year just reloading both barrels.
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Post by Gunner18 »

believe in the kickers...Bedford lost to Caroll last year by going for 2, its stupid
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Post by Structure8 »

I think with the momentum Ridge had with the penalties, and the ball being on the 1 1/2 yardline, going for two and trying to win the game was the right call. The option pass is a very good play for a two point conversion, it's just that Ridge didn't block everyone. I commend their effort, and good luck to next season.
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Post by playbookboy06 »

I listened to most of the game on the radio, but i didnt catch how both extra points were missed? How were they missed?
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Post by foghorn »

Going for two was the right call, considering the shakiness of the kicking game. I think I might have called something up the gut -- the line got Ridge to the playoffs -- trust in them. This is hindsight, though. Had the play worked, we'd all be singing a different tune. Let's face it -- a coach can't execute the play himself.

I hope people can appreciate how much fun this season was and not get crazy about a bad ending. There's no excuse ever for giving a coach grief to his face in public. It's no wonder more and more people don't want to coach.
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Post by NbCwReStLeR007 »

Go for two.........but instead of using a play like that, even though it is a good an unbalanced line.....and let shaffer and Halbig do the work.....they could have done it easily........or have Barefoot throw the ball to one of his many decent recievers.........Does ridge run any type of Power I....or some formation with 2 fullbacks.....? that also would have worked........anyway...cograts to Ridge players and coaches for having a great season this year.....and good luck next year!
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Post by Coach »

Well are as much of a bleachercoach as all of us!!! You had 3 plays right there that were "guaranteed" to work :lol:
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Post by bison1 »

When you're down 1 with 30 seconds to go in high school football playoffs, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. I could sit here and name 100 plays that executed to perfection wouldn't have worked and 100 plays that executed poorly might still have worked. It's not the play that matters. The coach makes a judgement call based on how hard certain guys have been playing, how well each side of his line is matching up with the defense and how much momentum is in his favor. If the momentum is there, which it sounds like it was, and he thought his team could have jammed it in no matter what play was called, then he made the right choice.

Like many have said, if he would have scored on it, using the option, people would be saying "what a great call, I would have never thought to use that! That coach must be really smart..."

I voted to kick and go into overtime...but that's from my chair inside my house...a gametime decision is so much different. If a coach chooses to try something to give his team the win, I respect him for that. It was a good call.
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