PAT or 2 point conversion?

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Would you play for the win or hope OT goes your way?

Go for 2?
Kick the pat and hope to win in OT?
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Official BleacherCoach
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Post by kohlslaw5 »

go for two! ridge made the right call, but the mounties had the lions number, all kicking the pat wouldve done was delayed teh lions loss and made it more heartbraking

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captain dean
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Post by captain dean »

First things first. Tie the game and you have new life. Worry about winning in OT.
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old school
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Post by old school »

Kick.... for the tie.... run off the field and kiss your sister...and hope to win in over way...go for the win. Dan called a great game...including the 2-point conversion at the end .
Freddy C
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Post by Freddy C »

either way, Wilkins and the kids have a lot to be proud of. They have accomplished a lot this year. It hurts losing like that, but they have nothing to be ashamed of. Congrats on a nice season.
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Post by Roadie »

I think the decision to go for 2 wasn't that bad, but the play itself was questionable. Earlier in the game when Ridge ran the option, Barefoot, for some reason, seemed to be having a problem getting the pitch to his back. When he pitched it, he seemed to have lobbed it and the ball just hung there waiting to be picked off in mid air and takin to the house. In my bleachercoach opinion, the play where barefoot fakes a handoff then rolls I think to his right just a little bit then makes a Brett Favre jump pass back to his left would have/could have worked. Just my opinion, but going for 2 wasn't as bad a decision as the play itself.
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Post by voncap »

Isn't it great to second guess. I'm just glad I wasn't in Coach Wilkins' shoes. A tough call either way.

IMO, he made the right call. With the ball on the 1 & 1/2 after the penalty, you have to go for two. If the ball is on the 3, you kick.

Wasn't at the game but listened on the radio, and it sounded like execution was the problem. That can't be blamed on anyone. The coached call the play that was practiced many times in preparation for this moment, but it is difficult to simulate actual game situation in practice. The players' nerves and adrenline are major factors that can't be simulated on the practice field no matter how hard you try.
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Post by GATOR »

the GATOR hates to say it but Ridgers had a nice season. A little suprised they did not advance. If PO is so one sided on offense as I have been told, would Ridge have had a better chance against Tyrone??? I don't think either team could have come close to beating them though.
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