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In defense of theoneandonlyderabasse....you need to re-read his post. He was referring to Marcus Stephenson, not turk. You just flipped out on him and insulted him for minding his own business. Congratulations.
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Post by Derabasse »

haha, you made yourself look real intelligent there.
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Post by BDFRDS#1BiggestFAN »

Well you all are sayin how bad TURK is or was... well i decided to give my two sense on theoneandonly! Im not the only one that thinks he needs to learn how to play basketball! also bdfrdsham well first off i would love to be like turk bc he has the size and the strength to play against anyone yea he may be lazy every know and then but who isn't! and you really think i care if you dont like me?!?! uhm i would think again!

coming from a a couple of coaches and ex ref theoneandonly needs to learn the game!
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It looks like you are talking about me when you just put "theoneandonly"... but don't give basse a hard time.. he's a good guy
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I didn't have a problem with you, untill now. I was talkin to IEATHAM555 up there not you. Take it easy.
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Why can't we be friends...why do people have to put down other people all the time!
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