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NB hoops were very tough and I have no clue what this one dude on here was talking about unless he is talking about recent years. NB has a great tradition and winning comes often. I had 4 winning years when I was there. BTW-don't know of any BCL player in the top 10 all-time scoring list in PA history what school did they go to?????
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Post by TMfan6 »

NBC should be decent next year. But they may have some trouble beating the hyndman's of the area this year. Thats all that can happen when you lose really everybody that even got off the bench last year. Not one letter winner? That either tells you that they had no good underclassmen last year at all, or NB's coach was planning on this being a rebuliding year from day one of last year. Over at Bulding 2 this summer NB repeated beatings of 30+ on more then a few games.
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They didn't have any returning letterman because of the fact that they had so many good seniors last season. They only dress 11 kids and I believe 8 or 9 were seniors. That makes it really tough for kids to letter. I've seen the team play this year and they showed a lot of talent. They may not have a great season, but I believe they'll be around .500.
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I don't think the NBC team was getting enough credit before the season. They did lose alot of people but they definately aren't as bad as people made them out to be. They hit just about every open shot they had and they played extremely hard. These things alone should be enough to have a decent season.
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These guys are running the slow down system very well. Rodland is VERY smart with the ball and makes very wise decisions....
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Listen here, I practiced with these guys and I didnt see this kind of hustle. The boys had a terrific effort Friday against Bedford, I was highly impressed, its a shame the couldnt put the stop on harris, that was the difference in this game. The Ridge game was excellent, ERIC WAGNER FOR THREE BABY!! They just couldnt pull it out in the end. Rodland handled the ball extremley well and shaffron off the bench was terrific as well. Trevor made all Tourney team and Eric, in my opinion, may have been right behind him. If little Wagner(THE BIG WAGNER) learns to use his body I pity the fool who is going to try to guard him. This team will be going places next year. And I still stand by my predictio that these guys will be at least .500 this season.
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