Forest Hills V. North Star

Shoot the half!!!
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That's part of the game my friend. We had 6-7 guys "out of the line up" for three of my four years at Everett. Unfortunately, they never made it back. We had even higher caliber wrestlers than that, that either missed the whole season due to a football injury or due to lack of desire. Whether it is one match or all of them, it's all the same.
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first off d5 is a horrible district for solid teams ...maybe one or 2 are decent....they have good individuals....but to put north star on the map wit forrest hills is prob the funniest thing iv herd since terry tate was skinny.....strayer will pound lascari
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6headbassist, I like that one (since Terry Tate was skinny). Did any Tyrone boys get high seeds for the weekend?? Just wondering Someone said Strayer got a top seed and Moss, Kisel, and Valko got second seeds. I can't wait for the action to start. Good luck to Tyrone and Forest Hills.
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