Does Joe gotta go?

The name says it all!
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first time PSU has lost 9 games in one season in school history, under any coach, i think JoePA is a great coach, his achievements prove that, but the guy is gettin pretty old and needs to think about hangin up the towel, tho it would b a sad sad day in happy valley if he did.
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Dean: remember Joe was an assistant under Engle for about 16 years I think before he was the head coach. He has been the head coach for about 36 years now I think. I guess you think that we ought give Joe all the credit for those wins Penn State had when he was an assisstant? Joe is one of the all time best coaches but you have to know when to get out or is legend will be diminished by hanging on by a thread. This is not how I want to remember JoePa.
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Don't give up the ship. They lost both lines, WR, RB, wow, most teams can reload after that. If PSU chokes it up next year again, then many change is in the meeting.
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