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Will this year be a BCS bowl year for the Pittsburgh Panthers?

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The eers star running back is Quincy Wilson who had to leave the game last week because of an injury. Word has it that he'll be able to play on sat. in the backyard brawl with PITT. I don't know specific stats but I know last year he ran for 901 yds. and is having a great season again. He's had some great runs...the best that I've seen in my opinion was against Miami when he trucked the free safety enroute to a TD. Granted PITT hasn't stopped the run, but who can cover Larry for Heisman Fitzgerald ?? I really don't think Brian King, although he's an excellent DB, can stick with him. This is going to be an awesome, awesome game. WVU may run up and down the field, but PITT will go to the air with Fitzy reaking havoc in the secondary all night. The biggest problem is who to cheer for...I like both teams so I guess I'll just hope for a good close game like PITT's this past weekend...good luck NAS !!
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