New foul Shot rule

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this might be a D2 or D3 rule buti heard they were moving back the 3-point-line 6 inches

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The NCAA is tinkering with a moved back three point line, like kohl said, but that won't be fully put into play until the 04-05 season. They've also made the key like it is in international play, the trapezoid free-throw/three-second lane, as opposed to the traditional key area. A diagram of this new court setup can be found at
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The link in 11th man's post won't work, but this one will...
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I think the new rule is will just give the shooters team a disadvantage if you need to get the rebound for a winning shot
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Foul shot changes

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They made the new rules involving the 6 guys going for the rebound to benifit the defense right? Wasnt inside position enough. If you have inside postion and you have a decent coach who knows how to teach a good way to box out, the D should get every rebound on a missed foul. Changing the rules only helps the D more. If they are gonna do this then they might as well just let the shooter shoot and have no rebound then just let the D take it out of bounds, make or miss.
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