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The "old guy with no teeth" should probably be in the baseball section, but since it is here I will comment. His last name was Covert and he was probably one of the biggest NB baseball fans if not the biggest. Best impersonation of him goes to former NB player Kirk Stiffler.

One of his favorite stories to tell involved him playing baseball I think at either Broad Top or Hopewell. The way the story goes is that he once hit a ball that went in the smokestack of a passing train. When the train tooted its horn, out popped the baseball which an opposing player caught. He said that he was called out on the play. It was a much more amusing story hearing him tell it.

My favorite memory of him could be when he told me that he was going to castrate me with two stones if I didn't pitch well during a game at Everett. Just glad I pitched well that day.

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Best Fan

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The late Mr. Harris is definatley a candidate for this , but over here in the Broad Top its the Huffy twins. Ron and Don have been carrying the sticks for football games for years now and are always regulars for basketball and baseball games. Plus you can always see them comin from about 1/2 a mile away because of the bright orange hunting gear one of them usually has on all year long. Go Huffy's!!!!
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i have to canidates for best fan. Over here in Saxton the Huffs are big fans but the best basketball fan around is Ribsy he goes to everygame year round by far the best
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rumor has it ribsy missed a game to go to BINGO this year.... buddy wheres the dedication???? hes out.... my vote is for RT.. chair and all...
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Best Bbball fan ever

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The Greatest Fan Has To Be Me
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TM fan. The twins I agree. They are right up there with greatest fans and most loyal without a doubt.
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One twin was there without the other on Jan 9th, (NB,TM basketball) I got questioned how that could occur and where the other was but I did not know the answer.
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Mister Harris. A gentleman. Known him away from sports for a number of years. We stilled talked Bedford sports even though I wasn't from Bedford. He loved all athletic events involving all county schools. Never talked of his personal athletic accomplishments, even though after his passing, I found out he had many. A great loss to Bedford County high school sports.

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