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system of a down
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Tom Petty
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Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit
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WheresKase wrote:Tom Petty
Thats what we like to see right there.
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Best songs...

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Some of the sports songs to warm up to:

Start Me Up and Street Fightin Man--Rolling Stones
Rock and Roll, Part 2--Gary Glitter
In Da Club--50 Cent
Right Now--Van Halen
Here WE Go, Here We Go--By some rapper, I forget who

One school in the WPIAL plays SOUND BYTES at their basketball games during dead balls...These sound bytes are short clips from a song that get a certain point across to the crowd, much like you'd see at an NBA game...It's pretty darn entertaining and gives them a good homecourt advantage...I am actually shocked that the WPIAL hasn't put and end to this.

After a travel by an opposing player..."Walk This Way" by Aerosmith

When their best player scores a basket..."Let's Hear it For The Boy" from the Footloose Soundtrack

When a call is made against the opposing team...JUST THE LAUGHING PART from Ozzy's "Crazy Train"...This is HILARIOUS

When the opposing coach acts like a "baby" and whines/cries about a call that goes against him, the Audio technician plays a Lullaby

When the home team has a larger lead at the end of the game...An appropriate song is played during a time out like "The Party's Over" or "Turn Out the Lights" by Nelly Furtado

There are some other creative sound bytes played, but I just can't think of them off hand.

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Wow, I bet that really makes it entertaining. But i could see where it'd make the other team pretty mad too. I am also surprised to see that they are letting them do it. But i think that it's pretty cool.
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Just wait till the WPIAL finds out about it, they will end it all the fun just like the PIAA
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Alice's Restaurant. Uh huh.
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u can get what u want, at alice's restaurant!
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