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Hay arlens a good coach

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I have had time with Arliene in the past and she is a really cool coach. Jerrica just doesnt get helpp from her mom she gets help from her whole family. Arlene was an assistant coasch for our elem. team at The little league field and she was a role model to me so please question ur self before u say soutni about Arlene :D
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Everett's team definately has some awesome pitching, but as long as other teams can learn to hit it, Everett wont be as great. Their fielding isn't bad, but it's a lot weaker than their pitching.
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hey.....i heard everett crushed MU last night and i was just wondering if you guys were really good....or if you just had a good night? What is your record? Who all do you play?
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Everett's record is 7-1... They lost to NBC tonight 6-3 due to poor performance and ridiculous errors. Overall they have a strong defense and their whole lineup is crushing the ball. The seniors have really stepped it up. Alisa Shaw, Jerrica, and Jenna Morral have been dominant at the plate. They've all crushed several home runs. The hitting is solid and their defense keeps improving. They will continue to keep it together.
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SO you are saying that NBC didnt beat Everett last night based on the fact that NBC has a good team? I watched the game and NBC was the better team and part of being a good team is fielding the ball and GOOD teams dont and shouldnt play sloopy ball.
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Thanks noname, I was not going to be first to respond to Hotcorner, but I thought NBC played well enough to deserve a big win. Godshall's pitching helped spread out Everett's 4 hits (although 2 of them were crushed!), big key. Of course, result could be different in a future meeting.
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Did Everett play Ridge yet? If so, how did it go?
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3-2 Ridge over Everett.
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