Pre-Season Bedford County Boys Basketball All-Stars

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Pre-Season Bedford County Boys Basketball All-Stars

Post by foghorn »

Ok -- let's shake things up a bit and see who knows their stuff. Here's the question: What six players (five starters and a sixth man) would you select for a Pre-Season All-Star Team for Bedford County? The only stipulation is that no county team can have more than two players represented. Feel free to comment on the merits of each player.
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Post by clueless »

i usually dont have a clue but heres my 'six' bits worth:
1. barefoot - CR should lead county in scoring most versitle player he can go inside or outsdie equally well needs to learn to use skills to control game more consistently
2. t. harris - bedford best athlete in county showed improved outside shot last year will need to stepup even more with loss of big man defens on opposing pg's can be deadly at times
3. clapper - tussey best post player in county but can also step outside and hit mid-range jumper will surprise a lot of people this year
4. miller - everett maybe the best all around player his stats this year will reflect that he has maybe the best supporting cast in the county but that doesnt lessen is talent
5 zimmerman - tussey has been in chamberlain's shadow for the last few years but will step in nicely and with clapper make the best one/two punch in the county
Sixth man (tough call) i will go with garland - eveerett very improved at the end of last year
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Post by ham55 »

How about 1 man for all 6 positions. TROY HARRIS.
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Post by Bedrock »

I think Troy is definitely the best athlete in the county. The challenge now (if he reads this) is to win championships. He hasn't done that yet in a team sport and that will be what convinces me of greatness.
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Post by southpaw »

Good point BAM-BAM!

A truly great player makes the other players around them better and that's how you win championships!

Example- Joe Montana- made everyone around him better and they won championships.
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Post by LARGE MAN »

No question Id want Harris on my team, hes the best player in the county by far
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Post by Head Roadie »

Ditto Clueless' Top 5 and sub in Sloan Clingerman for Wes Garland if I must make a 6th pick. Actually Everett has three players (Clingerman, Garland, and Koontz) worthy of 6-10 consideration which is why I've annointed them pre-season SHL favorites.
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Post by 11th man »

Preseason All-County Selections
1. Troy Harris, Bedford- Troy has the ability to hurt you from both the perimeter and by driving inside. He's very quick and often times uses that to the best of his advantage. However, Troy has had some trouble playing solid defense for 4 quarters in the past.
2. Brian Barefoot, Chestnut Ridge- Mostlikely the best pure shooter in the county. When he gets hot he's as good as anyone around, but sometimes he has a tendency to rely to much on himself. If he learns to use his teammates to his advantage he will become an even better player than he already is.
3. Adam Miller, Everett- The county's most complete player. He's also very unselfish and that helps greatly with Everett's talent. I'm not sure that he has the ability to completely take over games that Harris and Barefoot have, though.
4. BradClapper, Tussey Mountain- A solid post player with a decent shot. Saw him play at the Keystone Games over the summer and noticed that he is much improved from last season. One thing I also noticed is that he can be extremely "clumsy" at times. If he works more on this he'll be further distance himself from the rest of the county's big men.
5. Wes Garland, Everett- Don't know much about him, but from what I remember he's a solid player.
6. John Marshall, Bedford- I'll go out on a limb and predict that this sophomore Bison will have a break out season. He's very quick and plays his best ball on defense. Shot taking can be questionable at times, but overall he's very good both offensively and defensively.
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Post by 4 »

Marshall will probably be one of the best defenders in the county this year; however, on the offensive side of the ball he struggles with his jumper. Top 5 are Harris, Barefoot, Miller, Clapper, and Zimmerman. My sixth man has yet to be determined until after the tip-off tourney!
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Post by GATOR »

BRAD Clapper
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