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I have to agree with IheartChs.. Even thought 3 of the 9th graders got moved up to play JV and one to play some in Varsity.. I think that they still have what it takes to beat anyone if they put there minds to it.. They are starting to work very good together and I'm pumped to watch them play when Varsity time rolls in in the following years.. Its giving them all a great experience with the game and its showing who can step up when a few of the other guys arent out there playing with them.. They also have a few very good 8th graders.. who arent even dressing with the 9th grade at all, but at another school, they would be starting and playing mostly the whole game.. Against Bedfords 8th graders, they didn't make ONE basket the WHOLE GAME.. Now, thats not saying much for the Bedford guys in future years, but, there wasnt even any luck shots just thrown in the hoop.. They only scored 8 points the whole game which were all on foul shots.. But im just saying, that I think Spring Cove has alot of potential and they are starting to show just how good they can be when they play like they should!!
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