Best Local Fields

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S Cube
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forbes always had a pretty nice pitchers mound, the infield quality was decent, and the between inning music was always a treat...but the outfield is horrendous with the track going thru it and the bank in left field...

the one place that always made me wonder was that field at fannett on earth can a ball roll into the parking lot and still be in play...i think in the 3 times we played there we had about 10 inside the park home runs...
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Post by jwasbullfrog »

McConnellsburgs field was great. never did like our home field (FM) much though
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Post by rookie32 »

mccllonelsburg field is my favorite to play on. it is flat and has a great infield and outfield. fm is a decent field except for the huge lip at the edge of the infield. but the parking lot thing does baffle me that it is all you can get if the ball goes into the parking lot it should be a homerun.
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Post by righfielder5 »

McConnellsburg defintely has the nicest field around, with the the smooth infield and the outfield is really nice for being a JV soccer field. The pitchers mound is just right. Don Fowler is defintely the best around when it comes to fixin fields up.
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Post by jk »

i agree
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Re: Best Local Fields

Post by isee »

I've seen a lot of fields around central PA and the best by far (it's not even close, fellas) is Mt. Union. No lips, grass infield, well maintained, large even outfield, backstop is FAR from the plate, dugouts, totally fenced in eliminating messy ground rules. This field is the best.

Central: once was bad but improved of late
Tyrone: might as well play in rock field
Claysburg: dismal
Tussey: joke
Bellwood Antis: nice but small
Bedford: ditto
So. Huntingdon: new fence...rock infield
Lewistown: not too nice...the infield is rough
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Re: Best Local Fields

Post by compaq »

What about Portages field It is great only problem is the short right field.
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Re: Best Local Fields

Post by 1stbaseman13 »

i my self like everetts infield and pitchers mound (when the dirt is a little wet) i like bedfords infield all but the lips and i like sf infield and mound to there mound is pretty nice boys...i hate claysburgs field its about rediculous whats up wiht the track in the outfield..tusseys field is rock hard and sucks....nbc is nice but need leveled out..
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Post by CRplayer »

i know we are talkin about the best but i'd say our's (ridge) is one of the crappiest...
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Re: Best Local Fields

Post by InDepthCoverage »

Rookie, FM's ground rules are that if the ball touchs the parking lot, whether in the air or rolling, if it touches the pavement, it is a homerun.
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