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The name says it all!
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Post by BillyWhiteShoesJohnson »

I think TO is just misunderstood.... he wants the ball coming his way cuz when it does he usually puts it in the endzone. To me thats not selfish, becuz he backs it up.... keyshawn just complains he doesnt get the ball, last year he scored ONE TD! He doesnt score enough to demand the "dang Ball." Maybe TO is too much for some of you, but I'll give him this he puts up the #'s, Keyshawn is just a bum, simple as that.
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Post by Ntrikit »

As long as he isn't wearing the Purple, I'm a happy camper.

He will be a Jet.
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Post by foghorn »

I've never been a big John Gruden fan, but his stance on KJ takes guts. When you got a cancer on the team, it's gotta be removed. Its also time to give that sap Sapp his walking papers.
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Post by deliverance »

Well, the Buccaneers are 1-0 without Keyshawn. Right now it's looking like it was a good move to get rid of him.
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Post by bison1 »

They may be 1-0, but it's a very ugly 1-0. If you watched the game last night you'll agree. A lot of turnovers and sloppy defense for the first half of the game. That just as easily could have lost that contest. The Giants were the underdogs by 7 pts and they lost by 6. If you were betting the line you would have made money last night. Not too convincing on the buc's part.
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Post by southpaw »

Its alright to give "Chucky" some credit but if the Bucs were in the playoff picture KJ would still be playing.

TO is still the biggest bum in the league!
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Post by Dep »

The big mouth clown got what he deserved. It is just a shame that someone will pick him up next year.
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