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would you go to BC , BG or BM if they wanted to recruit you?

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Post by Sports999 »


What if you're at a school like, say, Rockwood or Turkeyfoot Valley and there is virtually no way to be exposed. Rockwood played 5 games this year, mostly against JV squads and Turkeyfoot is the smallest school in the state playing sub-par Maryland schools. Let's say you do have the talent to play D-1 football and you live in one of those areas. You will get no chance to be exposed and you almost have to go there.

Trust me, I hate BC more than anyone here, but sometimes there are exceptions.
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Post by Central30 »

i see your point...... if it came down to the skills i had n knew i could do it then i would but im a pretty good player but not good enough to play D1
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captain dean
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Post by captain dean »

I think its alright for people to switch when they are in that kinda situation. I used to live on the hollidaysburg, williamsburg line. AAAA or A. It wasnt a tough decision.
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Post by ham55 »

And yet you ended up in Bedford :D
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Post by Coach »

Crookshank at Blacklick Valley...

If you are good enough to be noticed...you will be noticed. Just ask the Nastasi bros who went to tiny NBC, but they still went bigtime.
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Post by Bedrock »

I think that is different Coach. NB has solid athletics across the board and had a chance to play at a state level and showcase their skills.
If I go to Rockwood the only thing I have to look forward to is the Somerset County Fair.
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Post by southpaw »

If I remember right Walter Payton grew up in about the most remote area of the deep South with no paved roads very poor rural area and someone recruited him. I look at it this way: if you think your that good stay where you are and you'll get recruited. On the other hand I think some kids have doubts about there abilities at smaller schools and go to better private programs to get some exposure (playing on a great team makes me great philosophy!). I think the the athelete that plays great at weaker program is a kid I would recruit quicker than the kid playing on team of all stars.
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Post by Roadie »

I think that if you would look at it from an athletes point of view it would be harder....scenario: What if you had the ability and talent to be noticed by BC, BG, or some other school and they attempted, as noname states, to attract you. That, to the athlete, would probably feel pretty good because you know you're getting noticed and you are, in a sense, getting recruited to play on another team. The opportunity like that would be a lot harder to pass up if you're the one being sought after. It's easy for us who oppose students transferring to private schools to say, No way would I go there...but for the athlete getting the attention, I think it would be a more difficult decision than to automatically say no.
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Post by JDB12 »

I don't see any problem in it either. Look at George Childers who was from Shanksville- he wrestled for Berlin and played football for Shade. He is a very talented athlete.
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Post by ICan'tCompete »

I would go to a bishop school if they recurited me. I believe you have a better chances of going places when in gods schools.
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