Favorite PS2 Games

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Post by Bedrock »

Excitebike!! If you played it, you know.
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Post by Sto »

Jordan vs Bird, for the original nintendo, very sweet game, I was addicted. 3pt contest, slam dunk, and one on one with mike and lar.
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Post by S Cube »

i remember of playing Prime Time featuring deion sanders for sega genesis...that game rocked

also, how about NBA Jam for the genesis...that used to be a fav. of mine...
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Post by Gunner18 »

im goin w/ wilma on this one. excitebike was good stuff
duck hunt is a classic, along w/ track and field w/ the lil running mat
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Post by Derabasse »

Yea I don't know how I could forget excitebike, great game. Wayne Gretzky hocky was also a great game
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Post by BillyWhiteShoesJohnson »

Blades of Steel for nintendo (Hockey)

Mortal Combat for Genesis, I remember playin that w/ a good friend of mine who 'sleeps 20 feet away' all the time in the younger days...
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Post by bison1 »

For sega, RBI Baseball '94 was great!

For Nintendo...prob. the greatest of all times...paperboy!
Also the baseball game 'WheresKase' had with incredibly slow graphics was a favorite of mine, no one else liked it though. I don't know the name.
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Post by ham55 »

I knew about Excitebike i just couldnt remember the name... Hey Bedrock, did u by chance start playing that game with my uncle, I kno he was pretty addicted to that game when it first came out.

I put many hours in playing duck hunt and the track and field thing. I even had the luxury of playing duck hunt recently :D
POTFA Wannabe

Post by POTFA Wannabe »

If we are talkin old school games, how in the world could you forget the Ninja Turtles? 1, 2, and 3 were all freakin awesome. also ninja gaiden was cool.

I still play nintendo games all the time, so anyone who wants to gimme em or sell em really cheap let me know!

The final nintendo classic is Tetris. Pure greatness, although i haven't seen a nintendo copy in a while.

as for sega.. Streets of Rage was awesome, as well as the Ninja Turtles games for the sega.
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Post by big b1ue »

I agree. . . most all of the EA football games are great games, but Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo is an all time classic. I just recently played it for a great deal of time and it is still a fun game. I prefer NCAA 2004 though, which is a very challenging but fun game all at the same time.
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