Favorite PS2 Games

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Post by bison1 »

Battletoads was a great game!
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Favorite PS2 Games

Post by Wrasslerfan »

Heres a list of my fav games
Nintendo- Super Mario Brothers
SNES- Madden 1994
Sega Genesis Golden AXE
Playstation WWF Smackdown
Playstation 2 WWE Smackdown here comes the pain
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Post by Townshipwrestler »

was anyone else dissappointed by what came out of madden 04, i was expecting so much more from all the advertising and screenshots they showed, it's still a good game, but i think it could have been better
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Post by SweetDrumMaja »

i love super mario especially the snes one when he can be a flying raccoon *ugh* can't remember which it is anyway i was happy they made it for advance!!!!! -lol this is PS2
anyway my fav PS2 games would be
DBZ Budokia *can't spell!*
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy X
I like alot of the Cube games out but thats prob. cause i got one of em'
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Post by CPA »

I agree, I was disapointted with Madden 04. I traded it in. One of the best games for 2004 will be Mafia. It comes out on the 27th. It has the driving style of GTA and third-person shooting control of Max Payne. It looks awesome.
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Post by rookie32 »

excite bike was i mean is a great game the tecmo bowl games were also awesome. and nba jam for genesis was tops also. but i love ea sports games right now i am addicted to NbA live 2004 for PS2 and the tony hawk games are always awesome.
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Post by NbSoccer01 »

What about when battle toads and double dragon teamed up that game was awesome i belive it was for the super Nintendo. And as for ps2 games i am going to go with metal gear splinter cell or any of tom Clancy games. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a good game for a little while.
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Post by CTtrackster »

madden was by far the best game made..period. even if you thought it was dissapointing. it still rules. I like max payne for the computer alot. Halo is an awesome game for xbox. 8 way playing is sweet. you dont get much better then that
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Post by slacker »

ct trackster it is even better when playing with 16 people
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Post by S Cube »

kid - mortal combat for sega genesis is by far the greatest game of all time

billy - altho mortal combat is a great game, i think donkey kong for super nintendo is the best game

kid - donkey kong sucks

billy - you know what YOU SUCK
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