Weirdest thing you've ever seen while playing baseball

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one time a long time in the middle of the cove an outfielder (who is a teacher at spring cove) ran to catch a fly ball, well there was a electric fence on the other side he reached over the not real high fence to catch the ball and his glove caught on the electric fence (which was on) he stood there shaking. the other outfielder ran over to pull him loose and it shocked him too but they did get free without injury.
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The craziest thing I ever saw was a minor league game in Frederick, MD. The Keys were playing the Single-A Pirates team from Salem. The pitcher hit the batter and instead of rushing the mound, he turned and smacked the catcher. All heck broke out from there. I believe 10 players were ejected. It was wild.

It turns out that the catcher went out with the batter's girlfriend the night before and it obviously upset him. The whole thing was on TV a few weeks later with the interesting twist coming to light.

The catcher involved? - Jason Kendall

Oh the days of minor league baseball.
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The funniest thing I ever saw at a baseball game was this past summer in Teener league. We were 12-0 going into the championship game against everett and our starting pitcher and starting right fielder showed up to the game drunk. Needless to say we lost 15-5 i think.
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When I was a junior I saw probably the most comical thing...our starting pitcher for that game, who is now throwing at Shippensburg Univ., was up to bat. The first two pitches thrown to him he hit on the fly down and over the hill in left field at the Ed King Dome, unfortunately they were both foul, so right away the count is 0-2. Of course we were all laughing at him and before he stepped in again he looked over towards the dugout and smiled and said, "watch this." He stepped back in and struck out....
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At practice one day I was playing 3rd and our first baseman farted... It's windy as crap at centrals field allll the time and I still smelled it for a few min. So I guess I didn't see it... I smelled it... but it was nasty.
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I seen a kid from broad top back in little league piss himself that was pretty funny haha but the best thing i seen was kevin millwood from the phillies throw a no hitter against the giants at the vet.
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I was playin against McConnelsburg my senior year, when i came up to bat there was a pitching change going on, at the same time the center feilder and right feilder were both standing in the outfeild taking leaks on the outfeild fence. When ya gotta go , ya gotta go i guess
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During a pony league game, there was a runneron second, two out, and the batter hit one into the outfield. The ball was relayed to home, the runner scored, but the ball took a nasty hop and hit our inexperienced catcher (who didn't have a cup on) right where it counted. He fell on the ground in pain. the batter, by now on second, starts to go to third. Somehow our catcher managed to throw him out while he was still laying on the ground.
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Back in 85 TM was playing Forbes at TM. The batter for TM hit a long fly to right field. The rightfielder went back to catch the ball and fell into a huge mud puddle. Needless to say he didn't make the catch. The rest of Forbes outfield stood and laughed at him instead of trying to get the ball...
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about that game billywhite shoes

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would that game happens to have been atr roaring spring little league field??
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