Weirdest thing you've ever seen while playing baseball

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at a tussey mt. game i saw someone crack one up onto the track field once. the center fielder had to fight a crowd to go up and get it and to get back down a kid almost picked it up but that would have been interference so the center fielder yelled at him not to. but once we thought about it he should have let him pick up the ball then the batter would have only been able to get to second instead of a homerun. i think
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This one's a no brainer. The crazy Jr. High Coach at Forbes Road Throwing baseballs off his head during a rain delay while yelling at his team.
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I remember the time I was playing at Bellwood and my teammate Shattered his aluminum bat to end the game. T
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I was at a fall league game in Adams Twp. and a pitcher from Westmont threw a pitch, dislocated his shoulder and broke his arm in 3 places, sounded like someone smacked a sledge hammer off a rock, easily the most disgusting think I've seen during a baseball game.
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Weirdest plays

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I had seen some weird plays in my 6 years of umpireing little league.

One play sticks out.

I was at Northern Bedford, and I was behind the plate for the game. When this one out fielder I guess forget his glove and had to use his dad's glove.

The batter hit a ball to this player I took my move toward the play, because I saw that it was going to be a shoestring catch. He caught the ball, the glove goes to the ground and the player pulls his hand completly out of the glove, puts it back in and picks the glove and with the ball stays inside without coming out.

Needless to say I called the batter-runner out.
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I saw a kid get hit in the nose while batting and had to be life flighted to the nearest hospital..
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my second year of little league 3 people hit the ball off the wall on the fly of me but all three got thrown out at the plate. It wasnt too wierd the first time but the second and third was.
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