BCS v. Playoff

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BCS v. Playoff

Post by voncap »

This time of year this is always a hot topic. Curious to hear some arguments and opinions on whether you would rather see the current system continue or a playoff in college football.

A few things I like about the current system the fact that every game each week means something. This becomes less of a factor if a playoff system is implemented. The current seems to be working the top four teams are the top teams in each of the major conferences (Big 12, Big ten, Pac 10 and SEC). The current system doesn't allow teams who struggled for one reason(especially injuries) or another early in the season but are playing well late in the season a second chance. The current WVU team(who would want to play them right now) and the Colorado team a few years ago are prime example.

It's hard to not like a playoff system especially the excitement it would generate and the ultimate out come of deciding the championship on the field.

What does everyone think?
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Post by noname »

I would love to see a playoff. VONCAp you bring up a great point about WVU. Seed the teams in what ever way and then bracket them off and play.
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Post by BillyWhiteShoesJohnson »

Im definitely for the playoff bracket. I forget the details exactly but ESPN (Herbstreit I think it was) had a great formula for the playoff system. It included going to all the smaller bowls in the first round (Aka outback, alamo, peach bowls) and then the bigger ones for the games later in the playoffs. It made sense to me since the teams all put the money they make from the bowl games into their entire conference, so the team that won the nat'l championship wouldnt be rich and have more scholarship money than a team that lost early or what have you.
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