Some of your thoughts...

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Some of your thoughts...

Post by Derabasse »

I was just wondering what many of you people thought of the man, the myth, the legend, Bruce!!! I have had many great moments at his palace, one of my favorites would have to be the popcorn getting stuck in the hair...if you were there you know what I am talking about.
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Post by rustybar45 »

The couple times that I've been to the palace, I wished I could have seen Everest. Sadly though, I never got the chance to meet him. Someday, though, I hope to.

Does anyone remember the time when they were throwing water balloons from the roof down to the street hitting people? That's one of the better memories i have at Bruce's.
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Post by bison1 »

ahhhh, my home away from home. Basse, the popcorn incident was very, very funny! Also ranks up there with one of the more memorable moments. Or the time when I got pen ink on the wall, or the balloons I blew up and covered Kase with while he slept. The many times when CPA is sleeping and yelling incoherent words from sleep. Some things he says are very funny.

The times we caused tim to pass out or the times we held down stankan and joey to draw...things...on them, haha.

The balloons were good fun, rusty...I agree.

Also probably 200-300 great nights of poker in the kitchen. LARGE man punching a hole in the wall, the homie throwing a poker chip and cracking the light switch, many late night games with ham and more of those since he's now theoneandonlydad :lol:

Probably my ALL-TIME favorite night was New Year's Eve a few years ago. We played james bond for like 8 hours straight. That was back when whereskase still attended and hadn't left us for tribal council.
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Post by Maverick3 »

Yes i remember that night of bond with the many names we thought for our characters or the time I yelled at the bullet for stopping in mid air. Or how bout when the cops came up and everyone scattered except for a few (I left with the Crusader). The many late nite sightings of the everest and kase talking in his sleep was also a classic Bison1.

Many great times and more to come at the HOB.
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Post by ham55 »

Playing cards long into the night with bison1 and theoneandonly definately has to rank right up there with the best of it. Catching bison1 while he was falling in the window to avoid being seen by the angry motorcyclists, or was it mave, i cant remember exactly. But the all time best moment of the HOB was the night the pigs came up. Instead of turning on the lights to check the place out, the officer was just content to use his maglite and scan the whole place to find absolutely nothing, and of course him and I jawing for a while about weather we were 'under the influence', and the 'smart' woman cop saying she wasnt f&#(&$ing born yesterday. LOL those are some good times. Im ashamed to say that i have never been present during an everest sighting, but im still waiting. Basketball season brings the real HOB season into full swing, and its just right around the corner. :mrgreen:
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