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That is true, but if you look at a school like BC. BC, a private school, has around 40 players on their football team. And only about 120 boys in grades 10-12 this year. That is 1/3(33%) of the boys playing football, that's alot. If you look at a school like Central Cambria, a private school(I will use them just because I have their page of the D-6 program open and they have the same number as BC), they had 41 kids play football this year out of 264 in grades 10-12, which is around 15%, less than half of the participation BC gets. And if you take into consideration the quality of those players for the size of the school, please try to tell me kids don't go there just for football. It is hard to compete with a school like this when you just have to "play with what you have" rather than "picking what you want to play with".
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