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somerset county
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jerad taylor, seth cramer, sal lascari, tony lascari, luke lorson, troy hostetter, eric d'carrion, chuck wiltrout, bam furman....all will make trip to states
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I sure hope so
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Yes, and I can see some of those boys being on the podium this year.
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Craig Evans
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way to represent for somerset county on that one, somerset county.
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Hey, only one guys, no listing a bunch of guys.
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No offense,but this topic is kinda stupid,unless your area blows at wrestling.Dis 6 will crown multiple champs in Hershey.And may have both finalists in a couple weights.G Scott vs Strayer in the finals,mark it down now.Also B.Scott will be a finalist.Tate from Tyrone will medal and my bet is that he'll be a finalist,I believe he and Kyle Smith(Brockway) are the top 2 hwts in PA,it'll come down to pairings,they may meet in the semi's or quarters.Valko is also a good bet to medal,as is Dom Inzana(Cambria Heights).Pick one guy,No way! Pick a district,sure,D-6 will need a wheelbarow for all their hardware.
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i think that jordan downey will have a strong team this year he will make a trip to hearshy if he wants to wrestle hard enough
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Is the team owned by Jordan?.......you said he would have a strong team......well i think a few young guys like Jared Mellot and Matt Mellot will go to states....I would like to see them two dominate....both are great wrestlers...
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nbc wrestler that was probably a mis type so lay off a little
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