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Didn't they get Plex the year they could have had Pennington? If so, I'd say Plex was a good pick, they needed a compliment to Ward. He may not be catching a ton of balls this year but he is drawing double teams when he breaks deep because there is no way one man can take him in a jump-ball situation. He helps others get open. Now if he could only catch a slant.....
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The steelers need to get some good defensive players. They've only lost 2 or so a year for the last 20 years. Back in the days of Kevin Green, Chad Brown, Lloyd and others they could afford an injury or losing someone in the off season. Those days are gone. The steelers couldn't defend my six year old daughter. Throw the ball 20 or more yards 4 times a game and it's 2TD's and a pass interference call on Washington.
The Steelers have the offensive weapons if they keep them. Ward, Plaxico, The Bus, and Amos.
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But without a line to run block and protect the passer, the offense will go no where.
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