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I beg to differ...

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Ham55 (Bedford) is by far the best lineman I have seen this year. He has the heart for it all!
RuN 4 FuN...?

Ham55 is the #1 lineman!
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Post by ham55 »

Thanks Sports999 and B_Runner8803 :D

Ill agree that bison1 did a rather good job this year on the line for the bisons as well.
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Post by CHSFootball54 »

I had the privlegde of playing with Josh Isenberg and Chris Miller, they are two of the hardest working athletes i have ever seen, they are very good lineman. Whoever said Isenberg was no good doesn't know what they are talking about.
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Post by bubba52 »

I agree that Josh I senberg and Chris Miller are some great lineman. They work hard and did very well this season.
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Post by HelloLLToursCHS »

I agree, Chris and Josh are very hard workers. Even though central has had a few off years, they stuck with it and pushed central in the right direction. Central has a good looking line next year, it looks like the starters might be - Brad Diehl-Sr, Mark Frederick-Sr, Logan Barkman-Sr, Zach Shriver-Jr, Marc Lanzendorfer-Jr. All of these players are quick, strong, and hardworking. They will help the central football team to a good successful season.

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Watching the district 6 championship game i could definetly see that on defemce Tyrones (Tate) did an outstanding job and on the offensve side ofthe ball Forest Hill's Ed Richardson was not to shabby eiter.
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