Central Tip-Off Tournament

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Central Tip-Off Tournament

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Game One: TMT @ Williamsburg
Billyburg was up by 10 in the second half then Tussey started banging it down low. Neither team was impressive and Central will dominate the winner which was Tussey. I think they won by 4. This is not a typical Tussey team, but they will get much better as the season goes on.

Game Two: Portage @ Central
Central came out fast and furios then they hit the wall for a few minutes. This team is in great shape, and they play GREAT defense. They were blocking shots left and right with their impressive height. They also went 5 deep on the bench, and the motors were running full throttle the entire time. I was most impressed with Stoltz at PG who really handled the team well. Jimmy Snyder's shot was off tonight, but he is going to be a bigtime player for them this year. #25 is also good down in the post and gets a lot of putbacks for the Dragons. Once they took the ball inside things went very well. I left in the third quarter with them up by 30!

Central over Tussey by 10 or more tomorrow night....
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i think in the tussey/burg game the pirates looked better...id say if they met again williamsburg would win...dusty prough, the wburg point guard seems to be a nice little ball player IMO...

central looked great and has some nice size in their starting lineup...i believe 4 of the 5 were 6'2" or taller and they arent tubs either, they are pretty athletic...i like central by 8 or so tomorrow against tussey...
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CHS Tip-off

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Not taking anything away from Tussey's win, but I agree that Williamsburg looked as if they were the better team tonight. (Although that frequent flopping for foul calls got fairly annoying.) Both teams looked a little sloppy towards the end.

Central totally dominated Portage, and I liked the look with the 4 guys over 6'2". Patterson had the fans going with his blocked shots, and Stoltz controlled the offense pretty well. If I remember correctly, Snyder only hit 2 of his 3-pointers, but he had a lot of nice looks. Kensinger also contributed a lot on the boards. If Tussey duplicates their performace vs. Wburg, I'd be surprised if Central doesn't take them by at least 12.
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I enjoy it when wrestlers give the basketball commentary for the night. ndndt...
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