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I know all the games I have seen already this season the officiating has been lacking, I mean even more than what it usually does...Am I the only who thinks this?
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As an observer for years I've come to this conclusion about officiating. There kind of like the teams...the officials are a little sloppy and rusty early on too....I never liked it as a coach, and I expected more, but I learned over the years to deal with it...I wouldn't have wanted people in the stands to expect any of my teams to be in "playoff form" in early Dec. either.

But, your right...definitely a little sloppy on the officiating. The Girls Consy game (One hour and 52 min!) was particularly tough to watch but had to have been tough to do as both teams were really uncoordinated and sloppy with the ball...what do you call/what don't you call...I wouldn't have wanted to be blowing whistles in that game!
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Post by Smiteye89 »

Sto... I haven't even seen any games this season and there's no doubt in my mind that the officiating is lacking as usual. Remember last year up at UPJ....yea, we got screwed. Don, only if you knew what it was like to have a D5 title taken from you.
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Post by bison25 »

Troy harris will be the target for everyteam so look for some teams at points in the game to double cover him and that would even shut down the team, if some of these guys for bedford dont step up and dont step up soon bedford might have a losing record.
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Yes I think that is quite true...I didn't really see anybody else who can score enough to carry a team when Troy is not playing or even not playing well...Fox did a good job scoring...he played very well...but I am still curious to see how he will perform against good competition...I think that if you find a way to contain Troy than the bison will have a tough time winning alot of games against the LHAC teams...
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Pretty obvious when you score 40% of your teams points.
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