Central vs. Tussey

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Tussey will be over .500 this season. While they may not win the Sideling Hill League, they will be a factor in who wins the league. They will beat either Southern Fulton or Everett at the Terror Dome. Possibly both.

I think Coach Bailey does an excellent job of getting his players to play hard. He also does a good job of preparing his team for their opponents.
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I think first of all we should all respect Zimmerman for admitting that he was wrong. He is a good player and everytime I have seen him play he has played well and has worked hard. I do disagree with how some of the people who replied to this dissed him because he did one thing....there are many players out there that have acted up worse than D. Zimmerman did and don't get talked about as much as people have talked about the Central vs. Tussey game. I think they are two good teams and Tussey just had an off night...I think they will have a good season with many tough games but with the way Bailey works them they are sure to put forth great effort.
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