Will Bedford & BC play this week?

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Will Bedford & BC play this week?

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BC will be playing in the Football State Championship on Friday...will the basketball games still be played on Thursday & Friday?
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i imagine so, i know alliquipa is supposed to play westmont in the Hilltopper this coming weekend, and theyre 2 best players are playin in Hershey
11th man
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The Bedford boys will not be playing BC this week. I'm not sure as to what's going on with the girls' game, though.
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I guess the players BC is missing are better and more important to their team than D-1 recruit Darelle Revis is to Aliquippa.....
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Get a clue. This has nothing to do with who is playing. This is High school for goodness sake. Don't you think that the other athletes and BBall players at BC would like the chance to attend their High Schools state champiomship football game.

And don't be surprised if Alliquippa doesn't back out of the Jtown thing. I know as a coach I would not want to take the opportunity away from my athletes to experience a stats championship game of any sort.
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It should all be postponed, this is a once in a lifetime.
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