The Trouble With T.C.U.

The name says it all!
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Should T.C.U. (pending a perfect season) have the oppurtunity to compete in a BCS bowl game?

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The Trouble With T.C.U.

Post by kohlslaw5 »

-9-0 as of November 9th
-ranked 9th in BCS Standings
-ranked in top 15 in both polls (also as of 11/9/03)

Now you may be asking yourself, "What is the trouble with T.C.U.?"

T.C.U. is a member of Conference USA. Conference USA is not a BCS conference and legally therefore should not be allowed to participate in a BCS bowl game because of this. ALso, T.C.U.'s schedule was ranked 2nd easiest in terms of last years records, and their non-conference schedule was the easiest by these standards.

Now, I for one, do not think that it is fair to deny an undefeated team, like TCU the oppurtunity to compete in a bowl game because of a legality they had very little say in. What else can TCU do other than win all their games? Nothing, would be the correct answer.

What do you think about this controversy which will become bigger with every "Horned Frog" victory?

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Post by speedkillz »

Let them play Oklahoma, then they won't be undefeated anymore.
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Post by Coach »

Play em in the BCS...people are always worried about ratings....well I bet the first rounds of the NCAA Tourney get the best ratings anyway. I know I'd watch them play a bigtime program just to see if they could hang. I think the NCAA is afraid they would win!
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Post by Central30 »

I agree with Coach......they are SCURRED!!!!!! lol let them play a really good team to see how they do :D
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Post by Wrasslerfan »

Plain and simple about Tcu They had and lousy schedule compared to USC and thats what Costed TCU From getting a bcs berth people will they get a bcs berth one can never tell but they will not because the bcs only invites the four major conferences
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